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1. Sign up with the BMT Micro CherryDolls Affiliate Program.

  • If you haven't signed up as a BMT Micro affiliate click here
  • If you already have a BMT Micro affiliate account, you can log in here

  • 2. Next, browse to "Category > XXX-Adult Software > Product > Cherry Dolls" and click the "Join" button to affiliate yourself with us.

    3. Put links to CherryDolls on your web site. Use our linking style shown below for text links or grab some of our banners here that already have the link code in them.

    IMPORTANT: If you decide to use the links straight from BMT Micro then you should always grab the link that says "demo" because the other link goes straight to the order page. The demo link goes to the site so people can see what it is. Be aware that if you use the regular BMT Micro links and not our linking style shown below you might miss out on some benefits that our other affiliates receive.

    Feel free to send traffic by any method you want like banners, screenshots, reviews, or text links.

    4. Use this link to send traffic to CherryDolls:
    Make sure to replace the XXXXXXX in the banner code with your BMT Micro Affiliate ID.

    5. Every time a potential customer clicks your link, a cookie with your Affiliate ID is set on their system identifying you as the person who sent them. BMT Micro will keep track of the people you refer and if a sale comes from them you get paid. The cookie expiration time is set to 90 days.

    Do not put CherryDolls banners or links on sites containing stolen passwords, bestiality, warez or any other illegal content or links and text promoting those things. If you do and we find it then your affiliate account with us will be canceled.


    Affiliate Support: affiliates [AT]